• Projects
  • Customized special vehicles (adaptation)
  • CIT (Cash-in-transit)
  • CCTV
  • Border control
  • R & D


  • Drones
  • Vehicles
  • UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)
  • Aerial inspections
  • Access Control Systems


RENT A SURI is an authorized SURI distributor. SURI is a project that was born as accommodation for emergency situations, easy to transport and assemble, with improvements in comfort and habitability that has finally become a low-cost modular architecture system.

Through us you can:

To become a distributor

we offer you through our website an intranet through which you can have access to exclusive documentation for distributors, detailed technical information, etc.

Acquire this concept for your own use and enjoyment

we are delighted to be able to advise you on the SURI modality that best suits your needs for space, design and price. 

Rent SURI units for your possible businesses or uses

we also offer you the rental of SURI units that best suits the temporary need you want to cover.


GTS was founded in 2004. They  started as a telecommunication and security business operating in Angola, in some African countries and in Middle East.

During these 15 years, they have been maintaining a custom centric vision in their organization. For this reason, they successfully collaborated with some of the most important Angolan business and of the rest of the world.

Their mission is to offer every kind of integral security solution to contribute in the creation of a better and more secured society.

VALUES: Technology and innovation, creativity, customer care, work in team, result oriented approach, concern for the environment

Their proposal


  • Analysis of vulnerabilities
  • Data loss prevention
  • Intrusion test
  • Wi-Fi audit and revision
  • Secure communication Electronic security systems:

  • Their electronic security systems
  • Security in the key infrastructure
  • Training
  • Fire prevention and extinguishing:

  • Audit and design
  • Dectection and extinction systems
  • Technology against fire
  • Maintenance systems
  • Training
  • Consulting and training:

  • Consultancy for the financial sector
  • Consultancy for the industrial sector
  • Consultancy in management
  • Consultancy for the Oil&Gas sector 

    Public Administration

  • Integral security control
  • Digital transformation
  • Transformation of the organization
  • Strategic analysis and of the financial sector
  • Banks

  • Integral security control (central services and subsidiary)
  • Analysis of the points of conflict in the bank system
  • Implementation of integral security solutions
  • Analysis and institution of secure communications
  • Industries

  • Integral security control and solutions
  • Operational centres and control offices
  • Analysis of the fireproof system
  • Diagnosis and recuperation of the critical operational infrastructures
  • Oil & Gas

  • Integral security control
  • Configuration of the operational control centres
  • Prevention of the risks in platforms
  • Diagnosis and maintenance of the critical infrastructures (pipeline and tanks)
  • Environmental remediation


    ACK3 is a Spanish and independent strategic risk consultancy firm with international character, which strives for excellence in designing solutions and implementing specialized services. They offer their customers a comprehensive range of reliable, effective and accurate resources to meet their needs.

    Goverment Services

    Security Sector Refom and Mission Critical Suppor to Institutions like EU, NATO, UN or OSCE.

    Company Services

    Intelligence base support to Company' missions and support to Board of Directors, Strategy and Security functions.

    NGO Agencies

    Assistance to Humanitarian missions worldwide, including Food Programs& Development Projects, Child Care, Demining Activities & Counter Arms Proliferation, Gender Assistance and Democratic Reforms worldwide. 

    Sectors in which they work:

    Oil and Gas

    Electric Power and Renewables

    Engineering and Construction



    Cooperation and Development


    National Security




    Emergencies and Civil Protection


    Citizen Security

    Public Administrations and International Organizations


    Security specialists for more than 20 years with an experience of more than 60 years in the sector.

    Since its inception, its objective has been to ensure the values of its customers, developing Safes with security levels of the highest in the Security Sector.

    As manufacturers, they have the technical and human resources to continue innovating in the Safes Sector, in order to provide their customers with a product that meets their expectations.

    • Retail: Solutions for Cash.
    • Home: Solutions to secure your values.
    • Solutions adapted for the Industry.
    • Solutions for Banking.
    • Transportation of Funds.
    • Custom Projects.


    SURI is a transitional shelter for emergency accommodation. It is a project developed by the innovation department of the Urbana de Exteriors building renovation company in Alicante, Spain.

    It is designed to allow its transformation over time, it is refillable, breathable, versatile, flexible and can be easily disassembled, allowing its reuse or transformation with local materials throughout its 10 years of useful life.

    • LOW COST. Competitive price.
    • TRANSPORT. Light, resistant, easy to transport and assemble.
    • FLEXIBILITY. Each unit can be linked in both directions, allowing for groupings and providing shelters of different dimensions to create any type of building within the camps.
    • LIVING / WORKING CONDITIONS. Increased hygrothermal comfort improving quality of life. The facades are breathable, waterproof and thermally and acoustically insulated. Solutions for extreme climates.
    • FILLABLE FAÇADES. Reduces transportation costs and difficulties. SURI was designed to be refillable at its destination to reinforce its stability and protection with local materials such as earth, rubble, sand, etc ...
    • NATURAL LIGHT / SOLAR PANELS. The design has taken into consideration regulating natural light to maintain an optimal temperature, controlling the light within the shelter, as well as providing enough energy for domestic consumption.
    • RAIN WATER COLLECTION. A water collection system has been designed to carry the rainwater to a reservoir. After passing through a filter it becomes drinking water.
    • 100% RECYCLABLE AND SUSTAINABLE. Based on a "Cradle to Cradle" design, all materials are recyclable, reusable or biodegradable, making the unit environmentally friendly.
    • INTEGRATION. The unit is integrated into the landscape and promotes social activities.
    • ANTI-MOSQUITO. The walls are treated with a totally new product that is not harmful to humans and provides protection against mosquitoes and other insects. This is essential to avoid serious illnesses in camps in tropical climates.
    • DURABILITY. 10 years, 100% UV protection.


    Thanks to their technical and management team with over 25 years of experience in the world of security, they’ve managed to offer users of the safe an exclusive, modern, easy-to-use design, at a reasonable price, with an eye on the future.

    SmartSafe System

    Their exclusive, innovative and revolutionary intelligent Bluetooth BLE communications system connecting the safe and a mobile device, make their products a worldwide benchmark. With their technology, you won’t need any sort of code to use your safe. Your smartphone will do it all for you. You only need to download the free application onto your mobile phone or smartphone; when you want to open or close the safe, all you have to do is press the “open” or “close” button on the Triomf app. Other options, such as emergency opening, or keeping track of who opens and closes your safe, when and how, among others, are essential characteristics.

    Perfect for your Sector.

    Hotels and residences.

    Its intelligent communications system makes the Triomf app an alternative to the use of codes and keys.

    Offices and communities.

    Perfect for storing documents and belongings in total safety without the need for codes or keys. Your smartphone will do it all for you.

    Private and personal.

    With your smartphone, you’ll have it all under control. With no need for codes or keys, it’ll make your life easier.


    Safety for transportation vehicles and motor homes. SmartSafes can be added to vehicles to ensure the safety of belongings during travel.



    Discover the advanced features of GPS Tracking: GPS Vehicle Tracking, Data Reading and Integrated Navigation.

    GPS tracking: advantages and savings

    GPS GSM Security Systems is the recognized leader in the GPS fleet management industry and its GPS fleet tracking solution sets the standard for excellence and performance. They are committed to providing fleet operators around the world with the highest quality and most cost-effective solutions.

    GPS tracking system

    They are the industry's highest value GPS fleet and vehicle tracking solution. Its proven functionality and rapid deployment scale easily, whether you are a small business or a large organization.

    Complete fleet management solution

    Competition in the transport sector is high and oil prices continue to rise. The solution to profitability is knowing how everything works, driving more efficiently than the competence. The GPS vehicle tracking system offers a full range of solutions for professionals in efficient freight transport by tracking the fleet.


    GPS GSM SECURITY SYSTEMS - Partner of HIKVISION - N ° 1 Provider of Video Surveillance Equipment in the world.

    Thanks to a customer-oriented approach, it is easy for you to get your questions answered, they are dedicated to listening to you and distributing solutions accordingly. Their help and advice will always be accurate, practical, and appropriate.

    Its internationally renowned brands guarantee to offer you high-tech performance, using specific software, state-of-the-art installation techniques, advice, maintenance, technician training, giving you total control.

    • Installation: The installation of closed circuit television cameras is intended to help ensure the safety of the owners.
    • After-sales service: ensures commissioning, maintenance and repair.


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